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Professional therapist delivering a complementary therapy

Fully qualified specialists working for you

Are you suffering with pain in your feet or joints? Unable to live your life fully due to a sports injury? Our range of orthodox and complementary therapies can help you.


At Health Focus Clinic, the focus is on you.

All of the therapists are fully qualified and have spent several years learning each treatment. They are always available to discuss any of your individual requirements or simply to offer advice.


It isn't just treatments we offer however. We have an in-store shop in Welshpool where you can buy creams, gels, balms, sprays and accessories to help treat any feet ailments you may be suffering from.


We have a range of the top brands, including Daktarin, Lamisil, Compeed, Flexitol and CCS. For more information on these, please call or enquire during your visit.

Therapies available at Health Focus Clinic

No matter your requirements, we offer a number of orthodox and complementary therapies to suit you, including:

        Swift Microwave Verrucae Treatment