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Comprehensive range of foot treatment and surgery services

Whether it's routine  podiatry services, nail cutting or diabetic foot care, our registered and experienced team is available to help you.


At Health Focus Clinic we take foot health very seriously. During the first appointment, a full vascular and neurological assessment is made by the podiatrist in order to determine the overall foot health of the patient. This is important to allow early detection of silent problems, such as peripheral vascular disease.


Diabetes is an increasingly common condition and the monitoring of foot health provides a means to detect and monitor ongoing problems associated with diabetes.

Following the assessment, appropriate treatment will be given in the first appointment.

Health Focus offers a range of  podiatry treatments within the clinic:


•Corns and calluses

•Foot and Leg pain

•Nail surgery

•Diabetic foot care

•Swift Verrucae Treatment

•Lower limb Acupuncture

•Lower Limb Soft Tissue Mobilisation



Our Podiatry team are happy to answer any questions and give advice at the clinic or by phone.




        Susanna Lindsey

                         MchS. Dpod M. BSc


                         HCPC Registered



The Podiatry Clinic is run by Susanna Lindsey, who has 20 years' experience in both NHS and private practice. She is HCPC registered, which is the regulatory body that superseded the state registration system.


001 HF-5 HF-6

Annette Batty 

MchS. Dpod M.

Podiatrist and Diabetic Specialist

HCPC Registered

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Now available Occupational Health Podiatry

available at your premises or at Health Focus Clinic.

for further information please call

01938 556073


Information sheets


Lower Limb Acupuncture


Soft Tissue Mobilisation

As of the 1st May 2020 due to increase in medical supplies our prices will be increasing. Please see price list