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Covid - 19 Clinic Updates      

We are now fully open for Podiatry and Osteopathy


You can book an appointment by calling 01938 556073



When you attend the clinic there will be some changes made to keep within the governments guidelines. These will be:




We will be asking patients to come in to the clinic alone ( any family members will be asked to stay outside)


Please arrive at your appointment time otherwise you will be asked to wait outside until your appointment as we cannot have people in reception.


You will be asked to wash your hands and to wear a mask ( these will be available or you can bring your own)


We wont be accepting cash you can pay for your treatment by contactless payment


Treatment rooms and reception area will be cleaned after every patient so we need to leave more time between appointments.


There will be 2 reception areas with clear signs showing you which to use depending who you are there to see.


All therapist's will be wearing PPE which includes, Aprons, Facemasks, Gloves. Reception will be fitted with a sheild.


Unfortunately because of all of these precautions that we have to take to keep you and ourselves safe there will be an increase in fees this year please refer to our price list


Thankyou for your understanding and co-operation


If you have an questions or would like some advice please call 01938 556073.

we will keep you updated.

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